Motionally entangled atoms in optical cavities

Quantum entanglement has been shown to offer significant potential enhancements for state of the art atomic clocks. Similar enhancements are also possible in principle for inertial and gravitational sensors utilizing atom interferometric techniques. We would like to

  • Map spin squeezed states of atomic ensembles – generated by atom-cavity interactions – onto motional states to demonstrate entanglement enhanced atom interferometry.
  • Explore the generated non-classical states in the context of testing the limits of quantum mechanics, e.g., collapse models – The generated states offer large quantum fluctuations in mass difference (105 – 106 amu) between the two arms of the interferometer.
  • Explore non-interferometric methods for force sensing where the center off mass motion is tracked in real time  – generating entanglement between the atoms in the ensemble.
optical cavities
A high finesse traveling wave cavity in UHV to trap/entangle/manipulate cold atoms

Here is a relevant review article to learn more: Improving cold-atom sensors with quantum entanglement: Prospects and challenges