Laser technologies for precision sensing

Squash Locking

We developed a new method to stabilize the frequency of a laser to an optical resonator using an all passive approach utilizing spatial modes of light. This method is operating with an unprecedented locking stability of 5×10-7 fraction of the linewidth of the cavity at 10 s averaging time.

More information:
Laser-cavity locking at the 10−7 instability scale utilizing beam ellipticity

precision sensing laser technology
Two lasers frequency locked to a traveling wave cavity with the Squash locking method

High precision laser frequency offset stabilization

A new hybrid electronic filter discriminator approach to stabilizing the beatnote frequency of two lasers with very low instability.

More information:
Laser frequency offset locking at 10-Hz-level instability using hybrid electronic filters

The error signal from the beatnote setup

Stabilizing single-sideband operation in an IQ electrooptic modulator

A a parallel dual Mach-Zehnder electrooptic modulator can generate a single sideband modulation for laser frequency shifting applications in the 10 GHz range. However, the interferometric cancellation of the carrier and the unwanted sideband is subject to temporal drift. We developed a new method based on a high frequency modulation-demodulation to stablize the cancellations without imprinting undesired sidebands near the the signal frequency.

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The modulation/demodulation PCB board