Milligram scale oscillators in the quantum regime

Can we achieve sufficient isolation and quantum control of milligram scale oscillators so that quantum mechanics and gravity can be experimentally relevant at the same time? Can we extract information about the quantum mechanical nature of gravity in these experiments?

  • Can we bring milligram scale pendulum and torsional oscillators to the quantum mechanical regime through optomechanical control?
  • How small of a gravitational coupling can one sense between such oscillators?
  • How sensitive of a torque and acceleration sensor can one make with these oscillators?
  • Can we couple the well-controlled quantum mechanical degrees of freedom of atomic ensembles to the mechanical motion of such an oscillator for improved quantum control?

milligram scale oscillators
A 1mg (2 mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm) mirror hanging by a thread in UHV

Here is a relevant review article to learn more: Quantum sensing with milligram scale optomechanical systems